A Talk About Nothing

A Talk About Nothing

In this talk, we will explore nothing. And, yes, literally nothing. Together we’ll take a look behind the curtains of reality and explore some of the underlying rules that shape our existence. We will dig into ancient philosophy, the history and today's status physics and maths, look into the origins of computing, programming and analyse the way we develop software today. We’ll see how nothing influences us, how it shapes our behaviour every day and how nothing can help us grow – in our professions and, even more, as humans. “Nothing really matters,”, Freddie Mercury wrote in a song that was released 40 years ago. I want to show you how right he is.


Lena Reinhard

lena reinhard

Former VP Eng taking a break. Speaker, Writer, Photographer, Feminist, former & future CEO. she/her. “Canniest person in the whole world.”