Razzle: React Server Rendering Without the Framework

Razzle: React Server Rendering Without the Framework

Universal React applications are tough to configure. Either you buy into a framework like Next.js, fork a boilerplate, or set things up yourself. Aiming to fill this void, Razzle is a tool that abstracts all the complex configuration needed for SSR into a single dependency--giving you the developer experience of create-react-app, but then leaving the rest of your app's architectural decisions about frameworks, routing, and data fetching up to you. With this approach, Razzle not only works with React, but also Reason, Elm, Vue, Angular, and most importantly... whatever comes next.


Jared Palmer

jared palmer

Engineering Lead at The Palmer Group • Speaker • Open Source Samurai • Creator of Formik, Razzle, Backpack, After.js, react-fns