Debugging the Tech Industry: A Talk about You and Me

Debugging the Tech Industry: A Talk about You and Me

No matter if we’re software developers, designers, product owners, managers, or work on software in any other way: our work has impact. But how is this impact constituted? What does it look like in practice? And which consequences does this have for our work on software today? This talk by Lena Reinhard takes you on a journey from the early days of computing, to debugging, to the technology industry, to our roles in all of this. It shows why we need to care about the social and ethical implications of our work, and highlights ways for us to approach these topics – by ourselves, and together with the people we work with. This talk wants to encourage you to think about your own role, your power, and your responsibilities as a person working on technology. You’ll learn what you can do to live up to them – and how you can help debug the tech industry.


Lena Reinhard

lena reinhard

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